• Electromyography technologists shall conduct themselves in a professional, respectable and courteous manner in recognition of and in keeping with the Purpose of the Association of the Electromyography Technologists of Canada (AETC).
  • With patient consent, the technologist shall perform accurate and unbiased electrophysiological studies, keeping the patients comfort as the upmost priority. If at any time the patient refuses testing, the Technologist shall discontinue testing if reasonable persuasion fails.
  • Technologists shall always treat the patient in a professional manner, regardless of the origin or nature of their clinical presentation, their race, religion or gender.
  • Technologists shall always be willing to assist their supervising physician or fellow technologist in procedures that lie within their realm of expertise.
  • Technologists shall maintain the patients right to privacy and confidentiality. Results of any studies performed shall only be given to persons with proper authorization.
  • Technologists shall always be willing to teach the techniques and principles that they have learned as well as striving to keep themselves educated in new and revised electrodiagnostic procedures.
  • Electromyography technologist classified as unregistered shall strive to achieve a classification as registered technologist, R.T. (EMG), as defined by the AETC
  • Technologists who have participated in the national registration examination shall not reveal the content of either the written or practical examination without consent of the Board of Registration of Electromyography Technologists of Canada (BRETC).
  • Technologists failing to adhere to the AETC Code of Ethics will be disciplined according to the law set forth in the AETC Constitution.


Code of Ethics assembled by Whitney Wihlidal.