As I sit and reflect on our time spent in the beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, I can’t help but feel proud of the accomplishments of the AETC. We were able to hold the 2018 AETC Educational Seminar and Conference with 25 registered members in attendance on one our countries’ coasts. The attendance was also representative of our whole nation with members from BC to PEI.

Bilingualism was introduced with our first ever Bilingual Workshop accompanied with the introduction of our new French syllabus to complement our already existing English syllabus. As an association representing members within a country with two official languages, we are moving toward being more inclusive and representative of all members. We hope to continue implementing more bilingual content in the future.

Social and networking opportunities were certainly vast in Halifax. From the coffee shop to the food and drink tour, our members were able to experience much of what Halifax has to offer while catching up with old friends, developing new friendships and taking advantage of networking opportunities.

The feedback we received from the Halifax 2018 AETC Education Seminar and Conference was great.  Members in attendance were 100% satisfied with the knowledge, organization, and effectiveness of the workshops we offered this year and 94% or greater of those in attendance felt the workshops were informative. Members also felt that they were on average 96% satisfied with the knowledge, organization, and effectiveness of the talks that were held as well these members felt the talks to be 92% informative. All in all the feedback indicated a successful conference. Some points of improvement were reflected in the feedback. The lowest rated component from our feedback concerning the conference as a whole was the registration process which we are hoping to simplify this coming year for our conference in Montreal. Members in attendance also felt the sessions were too long. I am hopeful to implement more free time into the 2019 Montreal AETC Educational Seminar and Conference schedule while still offering the same level of education with our talks and workshops.

Thank you to all members who were able to make the 2018 Halifax AETC Educational Seminar and Conference a successful one. I hope to see more of you in Montreal.


Michelle Van Niekerk

AETC Vice-President
Chair, Educational Seminar & Conference


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