Québec, Québec.

June 22-23, 2016


June 22, -24th, 2016 saw the AETC gather in beautiful  Quebec City and the location could not have been more appropriate. The city is steeped in tradition and boasts a history of Canadians who passionately pursue growth and a desire to build a meaningful community with a prosperous future. Similarly, the AETC, as an organization, celebrated 40 years of seeking to join together to build and create a meaningful future for those involved in EMG and nerve conduction technology. The energy that the AETC still has 40 years after those first intentional conversations about creating our Association, was evident and palpable in Quebec City.

The theme that permeated all our sessions was one of “Looking Back and Moving Forward”. We heard stories and celebrated some of our founding members and influential persons involved with the formation and continuation of the AETC. Of note, we saw a video from Dr. Murray Brandstater as he congratulated the AETC on this particular milestone. We acknowledged the work and contributions of the original founding technologist, Muriel Fullerton. A video played that identified the many and varied faces and people that make up our Association today as well as those that have been key members in previous years. It was heart-warming and touching to see the breadth, depth and extensive reach that this Association has had on so many lives.

As has been the tradition, we were taught by excellent physicians (Dr. P. Naud ; Dr. E. Cote-Mantha) and technologists ( Karen Sandhu ; Vaso Obradovic) and the topics covered both familiar and less familiar topics within our scope of practice. The highlight of the short time we had together was undoubtedly the Gala dinner that was held in the evening of June 23rd. The evening feature fine food, a professional ambience and education from two highly respected physicians in the field of neuromuscular medicine. Dr. S. Venance was able to provide a great historical perspective on where neuromuscular medicine has taken us over time and Dr. A. Fiander provided an optimistic and refreshing look into where the future of neuromuscular medicine may be taking us. It was humbling to have an opportunity to be part of the audience of these two outstanding teachers.

Our short, but intense, time together once again reinforced our need to lean into each other in order to understand, appreciate and remain competent in our chosen field of practice. Please be sure to follow the published articles in the Journals following this meeting time to avail yourself of the excellent education that continues to be part of our meetings each year. This year was certainly no exception.

Summary provided by Jodi Beswick


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