Victoria, British Columbia

June 22-23, 2017


The 2017 AETC Conference was held at the Victoria Conference Centre, just adjacent to the historic Empress Hotel in downtown Victoria. Members first met on Wednesday evening at the Welcome Reception, which was held in a beautiful suite overlooking the Downtown Harbor. Friends and colleagues reconnected over local wines and cheeses.

On Thursday, the first Scientific session was opened with a donation made to the Yvonne Aydon scholarship by the AETC, in the honor of Yvonne Aydon, a longtime EMG Technologist who lived in Victoria. Her longtime partner Don joined us to receive the donation, and recalled some touching memories about Yvonne's commitment to her EMG craft. We then heard from Lindsay Mazepa and Vaso Obradovic, both instructors at the BCIT Neurophysiology program, who gave us some insight into their program.  Dr. Kristine Chapman, Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC and Director of the Neuromuscular Diseases unit at Vancouver General Hospital, and most recently the recipient of the 2017 Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation Distinguished Service Award, then spoke to the group about one of her special interests, radiculopathies. We heard from the internationally acclaimed Dr. Nens van Alfen from the Netherlands, who gave us not one but two talks, first on Neuralgic Amyotrophy, and then on the developments in the usage of ultrasound in neurophysiology. The afternoon scientific session gave AETC members the opportunity to participate in the CNSF's EMG in Everyday Practice seminars, organized by Dr. Hans Katzberg and Dr. Zaeem Siddiqui. Later in the afternoon, we held our annual AETC Social activity which consisted of a teambuilding scavenger hunt. The day's events were rounded  off with a wonderful dinner, sponsored by Sanofi Genzyme, and featured guest speaker Dr. Sam Chhibber, who managed to keep us laughing all while reminding us of the importance of recognizing mimics of Motor Neuron Disease, and the impact this can have on the quality of life and care of patients.

Friday's Scientific Sessions consisted of Technologist Presentations. We heard from Isabelle Morin, an EMG Technologist currently working in London Ontario, who revisited some particularities about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Christine St. Jacques, who works in Kingston Ontario, presented cases of LEMS and also held a Repetitive Nerve Stimulation demonstration afterwards. The annual AGM took place after the Technlogist Presentations (members can view our meeting minutes on this page when logged in to aetc.ca). The annual Advanced workshop, hosted by Sara Crawford from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. and Angela Scott from London Ontario, and Basic workshop, hosted by Priya Deepak from Toronto. and Nancy Verreault from Ottawa, were held in the afternoon following lunch.


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