Dear members,

We’re currently experiencing some issues with Paypal. If you are experiencing any difficulty with renewing your membership dues or completing your registration for the meeting: sorry about that!

In the meantime, we still accept offline payment (cheque) or E-transfers to (use password AETC2019).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing any difficulties. We’re here to help!

Why can't I login!

Hello nice AETC folks. Mike the Webmaster here.

In this period of subscription renewal, some of you - ok, a lot of you - are having problems remembering their username and password to access the site to renew their membership. Here are a few tips and tricks to facilitate your access to the site.

Your username is your email address

This would be the email address that we have on file for you. If you have both a professional and personal email address, it's the one you picked at the time of your initial subscription. It could be your old job's email if you changed jobs recently. If you don't remember the email you chose at that time, you will have to email me at to get your username changed to your current email.

Your password is unknown to me

I can't tell you what password you chose for this website. If you now your username (it's your email, see previous paragraph), you can reset your password by clicking the Forgot your password? link and entering your email address. 

I can't access the private section of the site!

If you see this warning message after you login, it means something terrible has happened!:

All kidding aside, you shouldn't see this error anymore. We've updated the registration component and being locked-out of the website should not happen anymore. If it does, send me an email ( and we'll figure out what is happening.